Nadine Leuenberger

Senior consultant / Owner

+41 44 330 40 52

+41 79 566 33 88

Who am I

My passion/avocation is the world of brands and retail. At Esprit, I was able to build up my professional foundation over eight years and learn a lot. After that, I entered the world of consulting and started at a global headhunting company. Several other steps in this profession lead me to this day. With “Heads for Brands” we have now been successful for several years, but have always been focused on the brand and retail sector. With “hearts and brains”, my personal focus enhanced and I am focusing on the cross-sectoral business. Working the market together with Elke is incredibly fun and every day is enormously enriching not only on a business but also on a personal level.

How "hearts and brains" came to live

And suddenly we are business partners – I was able to get to know Elke through a mutual friend during a lunch and network exchange. Somehow, it was love at first sight or it was just “heart” and “brain”. Soon after that, we went into the brainstorming process for our baby. From branding to communication to our Ladies Agreement, we quickly realized that we speak the same language. But the most important thing is our view of the market, the definition as well as the values of a headhunter. For us, sustainability is not just a figure speech. We work with our clients and candidates on a daily basis in a spirit of partnership and a great deal of down-to-earthness as well as passion. In this sense, we too are a “perfect match”.