Dear candidates, dear customers

Our cloud provider has been under a massive extortionist cyber attack since 04/27/2021. More information can be found here. With the emergency protocol all servers were shut down and we (as well as more than 6000 other customers) therefore have no access to the system and our mail accounts. Therefore we can neither send nor receive mails via our “normal” mail addresses.

We are working hard to solve the problem. In order to be available for you at any time and to be able to react, we are currently reachable under: and by phone of course as always under +41 44 330 40 51 / + 41 79 456 30 30.

We have not received any mails sent in the period 27/28.04.2021. Please send them again to the above mentioned mail address.

Thank you for your understanding.
28.04.2021 Elke Rottmann

Focus & Expertise

hearts and brains is active across all industries and specializes in positions in the following areas:

Assistance & Business/Project Support
Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
Human Relationship Management / People & Culture.

Sustainable headhunting

Hearts and brain is your partner for sustainable recruiting, ensuring that employees and employer are a long-term match.

We work with networks and can provide fast and straightforward support, even in emergencies.

Unser Netzwerk

We have a large and personal network so we can approach candidates for you directly in each of our focus areas. See some of our profiles here.

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