Elke Rottmann

Senior Consultant / Owner
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Nadine Leuenberger

Senior Consultant / Owner
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Jocelyne Boss hearts and brains

Jocelyne Boss

Back Office & CRM Manager
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Our partners

Claire Garwacki

Claire Garwacki laire Garwacki worked as a senior auditor and CFO before switching sides in 2011 to work as a headhunter in Switzerland.  She is our network partner and a dedicated professional in the field of corporate finance with her agency.

Carina Schlesing

Carina Schlesing Carina Schlesing is a driving force in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, with a history of leading high-impact operational, environment, sourcing, and material innovations as well as creative sustainability strategies on a global level. With over 8 years of experience in different industries, Carina has earned a reputation for developing and integrating made-to-measure and transformative solutions, driving companies to achieve ambitious sustainability targets and making them benchmark within their sector.