Sustainable Headhunting

What is “sustainable headhunting”? What distinguishes us from others?

Apart from just the necessary qualifications, our approach focuses the personality and the “cultural fit” in particular. This is a deciding factor for whether the employee stays in the company long-term.

This is our difference. Our added value for you is our network which enables us to selectively contact fitting candidates for you directly and personally. This allows us to quickly give you feedback if and how fast we can support you – no need to place ads first, we just activate our network. We cannot guarantee a “24h service” but most of the time you will receive candidate proposals within a day and with which you can start the interview process.

Working with us starts off intensive and elaborate because we want to know a lot about you – the company, the position, the culture, the passion, the management style. Once we know you, we know who fits you. This combined with professional tools, years of experience, and a continually growing network of candidates makes us more efficient and accurate – we don’t just look, we find!

Network and Relationships

Our network is personal. The basis for our work are personal contacts and our database is filling through personal interaction. We believe in the value of a sustainable and strong network – and we’ve got one.


Sustainability – we live «Sustainabiliy & Responsibility»! It is not just a focus area for us. Rather, it is found throughout all areas of our work through to our service providers and partners.

Transparency – we speak plainly. You regularly get updates regarding the ongoing application process. You always know the status quo. Transparent communication is key for successful cooperation.

Authenticity – we love what we do and we work with our hearts and our brains. We communicate openly and honestly so that you, as customer or candidate, always know what you can expect from us.

Integrity – we put great emphasis on sustainable collaboration and mutual trust. These are the foundations for our joint success.