Elke Rottmann

Senior consultant / Owner
+41 79 456 30 30

Who am I

I am a headhunter, consultant, listener and sparring partner with a clear understanding of sustainable recruiting and HR = Human Relationship Management

I bring over 20 years of leadership experience in operational management, experience as a strategic consultant and recruiter. A large network, professionalism, a strong empathy and passion for what I do as well as a keen sense for “the right fit” are my most important strengths.

What's behind "hearts and brains"

After more than 20 years in the hotel management, strategic and operative consulting and recruiting agency, I decided to found my own company together with Nadine Leuenberger. With “hearts and brains” we put the personality, the “cultural fit” and the importance of an active network in the centre of our recruiting. These are also the three fundaments of our “sustainable headhunting”.

Over the past few years, both of us have put a lot of heart and soul into building our network and have met exciting and impressive personalities on both the candidate and client side. The success, the impressive feedback, the exciting contacts and relationships, the countless recommendations have confirmed and motivated us. We believe that CV analysis and modern tools alone are not enough to find the right personalities for the companies. This requires not only “brains” but also “hearts” and often a second look at the people behind their CV. This is exactly what we are passionate about: Combining innovation through modern tools with empathy and personality in order to recruit in a sustainable way for our clients through our network.